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When you’re faced with a dental emergency, rest assured you can depend on gifted dentist Jong Gill Ahn, DDS, and the qualified dental experts of Ridgecrest Dentistry in Ridgecrest, California. Whether it’s a mouth wound, a cracked tooth, or knocked-out teeth, the dental group is here to help with prompt and personalized care. Ridgecrest Dentistry offers advanced dental technology, including the CEREC® system to create custom crowns and other restorations in as little as an hour and the CBCT (cone beam computed tomography) device for detailed imaging. In a dental emergency, book online or call Ridgecrest Dentistry as soon as you can.

Emergency Dentist Q&A

What do emergency dentists do?

Emergency dentists treat dental pain, injuries, and problems that require medical attention as quickly as possible. Many dental emergencies involve saving knocked-out or broken teeth.

It’s important you seek dental care as quickly as you can in a dental emergency because it could mean the difference between losing or saving your natural tooth.

Is it a dental emergency?

If you have concerns about a moderate to severe mouth injury, you should visit Ridgecrest Dentistry. The sooner you take action, the sooner you can receive treatment. Examples of dental emergencies include:

  • A tear or cut on your lips
  • Knocked-out teeth
  • A loose permanent tooth
  • Intense mouth or tooth pain
  • Uncomfortable swelling in your mouth, gums, or tongue
  • Bleeding in your mouth
  • Trauma to your face or mouth
  • A severely broken or cracked tooth

If your tooth isn’t painful and it’s just slightly chipped, it might not be a dental emergency, but you should still visit Ridgecrest Dentistry for an evaluation, especially if you have concerns or questions about your dental health.

Dr. Ahn takes time to discuss your treatment options in detail and educate you on how to best take care of your tooth.

What types of treatment can an emergency dentist provide?

The expert team at Ridgecrest Dentistry has ample experience performing tooth extractions, treating oral abscesses and impacted wisdom teeth, repairing broken teeth, and more. The team can provide restorative procedures to strengthen decaying, cracked, or weak teeth. 

Ridgecrest Dentistry offers same-day emergency dental appointments from 12pm to 1pm daily. The team is here to help whether you’re in pain or you have another dental emergency. Dr. Ahn can mill same-day crowns using the advanced CEREC® technology and give you same-day relief for dental pain and for teeth that might need root canal therapy.

Dr. Ahn also has extensive experience in endodontics and completed postgraduate training in endodontics following dental school. The Ridgecrest Dentistry professionals maintain a philosophy of tooth conservation and do everything possible to save your natural tooth before the last resort of a tooth extraction.

Ridgecrest Dentistry offers digital and panoramic X-rays, CBCT (cone beam computed tomography) scanning, and Galileos® imaging. This in-office advanced technology allows Dr. Ahn to gain an accurate up-to-date picture of your current dental health and quickly determine the best ways to improve it.

If you’re dealing with a dental emergency, put your dental health first and book online or call Ridgecrest Dentistry as soon as possible.